One of our attractions here at Wildwood is our coffee shop. From 10am-4pm, we open up as a coffee house for friends to meet, for students to study and for people to build a community. This is a place where people can catch up and talk about life. The heart of Wildwood is to create a space where people feel they belong. We hope to create a tribe of people who love living life to the fullest; to have fun, be crazy, act goofy and simply enjoy the moment. 

Wildwood proudly serves and sells beans from Coffee Plant Roaster, a beloved coffee roaster and espresso bar located in west Eugene. Come in today and try their signature espresso blend in whichever drink you love most! We are also offering cold brew fill-ups in our Wildwood growlers. We are beyond excited for you to come enjoy our shop, and to make this a place where you feel at home. 

Andrew VanAsselt