Sometimes you find hidden jems. weather it be a good beer an amazing cold brew coffee or the perfect pair of sunglasses. Our favorite hidden jems was on instagram. Sometime with so many people posting on the gram that you just start scrolling through not really paying attention. Well @lindenoodle got our attention. With a beautiful eye for style and photography we had to start following her gram doesnt disappoint. Her love for friends adventure and life seemed like the heart of wildwood.  The snowfox has a great mix of photography friends and nature. So we had to reach out and see if we could cook up something to collaborate with. 


The  heart of wildwood is to connect with amazing people. Its amazing what social media can do that.  Friendship and collaborating creatitivly with others is one of the main things we value here at wildwood. Her profile and lifestyle is what wildwood is all about.  Check out her website www.lindsaysevec.com and be on the look for more amazing photos from on our social media.