A while back I saw a local coffee shop release a new long sleeve T-shirt. I thought, wait a sec...The shirt was bad ass and I kinda wanted one. 

For the past five years I was a clothing designer and I ran an online apparel store. I know the business and fashion and design are in my blood. When I saw the T-shirt it made me pause and gave me the thought; "If other shops are going to offer clothing then we should make a statement in this market too. I'll have to admit, I got a little competitive as I wanted to have the best clothing in Eugene and Springfield. 

The biggest battle for me when opening up the Wildwood was to focus on coffee and beers and to not offer anything in the way of fashion or clothing. Deep down I knew that I always wanted to offer a lifestyle brand, not just drinks and food. A brand that could connect people all around the world. I wanted a brand that I could scale and take to different cities in order to have shops around the world where anyone could grab a beer or coffee and have the opportunity to connect with other adventurous souls, other free spirited, like-minded people. I wanted a brand that was true to who I and my team are and to the values we hold.

So I started designing again and man did it feel good.  I was back to who I truly am. Now I'm not saying that I wasn't true to my being when I was focusing on just the coffee and beer. It was, however, holding back my creative side. I wasn't letting my creativity flow in my designs. One day my mentor asked me why did it take me so long to start designing clothing again and I told him, "well I'm a coffee shop and bar now so I need to be like the competition" and that's when it hit me; I don't want to be like others I want to be like me, true to our lifestyle. My team and I all appreciate being fashionable, we all like coffee and we all love having a good time being adventurous and drinking beer. 

With that being said I started designing again. I wanted to take my background of living in LA, Norway, and Oregon where I grew up and mix it all into the Wildwood style. So you won't be seeing a lot of stuff with huge wildwood logos. You won't see the typical outdoor fluffy camp style adventure wear gear that you see in a lot of these Instagrams. Now there's nothing wrong with that style but I wanted to design something that had a little more edge and street style mixed with the PNW vibes. When living in LA I loved the grunge of the street edge style. Living in Norway they jabe adopted a very minimalist style which I have always loved and been attracted too. You will see a lot of influence in the Nordic scene with our shop being minimalist clothing as well.  I wanted to create a style that was true to those people who love fashion'  love outdoors and love a good time. 


Here is one of our jackets. It has the Wild and Free screen print on the back. This amazing jacket is a true must for the PNW its 100% nylon waterproof. We call it water resistant because the seams aren't taped.  





Andrew VanAsselt