Sometimes you come across social media accounts that your connect with. There personalities shine through and you are just attracted to there lifestyle. You automatically start looking out for there post and you try to mimic there style. 

Kimmy is one of those people. Her style is perfect and her account captures her personality so well. We at wildwood have teamed up with her friend Lindsay  and there whole crew has amazing accounts. Growing up and living on the snowy slopes and we could relate with Kimmy the love for the mountains the freedom it gives we started following her because it inspired us to get on hill shred and enjoy life. We have team up with Kimmy because she inspires us to live in freedom to enjoy life and to look dope while doing it. I think in life you see people who are authentic to themselves and its contagious. So go follow @Kimmymarymacky on Instagram and see her amazing lifestyle. 


Photos by Kimmy 

5panel hat x WILDWOODBRAND

Jacket x Armada

Andrew VanAsselt