Eugene, OR 



Located in Eugene Or, WILDWOOD was created in Dec 2016 and doors opened march 2017 with the desire to be a lifestyle brand. With the focus on  creating a culture of community. We use our coffee shop, Bar and website as outlets to create that community.  The hope is to be a place of community and connection. A place were people feel at home and can plan there next adventure. With over 20 different kinds of beer and cider on tap, its sure to be a local favorite. 






March 2017 wildwood opened its doors. Sense then they have been building there brand. Headed to LA this summer to connect with a conference they have sense build there lifestyle clothing. All good things have a small start. Come be a part of the history. 



"Wildwood invites those with an adventurous sprinter to come along a culinary journey-" Eugene Magazine.