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At WildWood, there are no guests, just friends who haven't planned there next adventure with yet. WildWood is a place you can sit back and recharge with a spiced chai while working on your next travel blog, escape with a zesty margarita, or connect with old friends over a locally brewed pint or shop for some amazing gear for your next adventure. Wherever you're from, wherever you're heading to next, we're here to fuel your journey.



Its the place where memories are made, stories are formed and it creates bonds that last a lifetime.  Our heart is to have a place that you can share stories, create memories and have a tribe that you can call your own.  We wanted to curate a lifestyle of adventure, a place that you can escape your 9 to 5 job be with friends create lasting memories. 

Weather it's traveling the world. Making new friends along the way creating a story of Independence.  Making new friends in hostels and having a story to tell your kids someday of the time you traveled the world. or it's a weekend camping trip with lifetime friends,  laughing and sharing thoughts around a camping fire with a cold beer or grabbing coffee with a new friend. We are here to help curate your story. We are here to celebrate with you. We hope to highlight our friends who  create  new experiences and adventures.


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wherever you’re from, wherever you’re heading to next, we’re here to fuel your journey.
— Andrew Van Asselt